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‘LG V10’ Will Be Shipped To US, China And Hong Kong This Week

‘LG V10’ Will Be Shipped To US, China And Hong Kong This Week
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‘LG V10’ Will Be Shipped To US, China And Hong Kong This Week

LG V10 will start shipping to the markets of China, Hong Kong and U.S this week. Other key markets will be considered soon.

After taking pre-orders in the U.S., LG is all set to ship its latest phone “V10” to the markets of U.S., China and Hong Kong. Though the shipping information is given out, the release dates have not yet been announced. Clarifying the same, LG said that the carriers in the respective markets will decide the pricing as well as the date and will make the announcements.

The company has mentioned that the LG V10 will be shipped to other “key markets” in Asia, North America, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and the Commonwealth of Independent States only in the fourth quarter.

What’s so special about LG V10?

LG’s V10 is the first smartphone to have met the guidelines of SanDisk for Extreme Photo-Imaging Capabilities (EPIC) to distinguish video experiences and exceptional photography in smartphones. Explaining EPIC further, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile and Tablet Solutions at SanDisk, Christopher Bergey said, “The LG V10 smartphone is an exciting step forward for the SanDisk EPIC initiative. Leveraging SanDisk’s deep understanding of flash storage, digital imaging and the mobile ecosystem, our EPIC marketing initiative is uniquely bringing together ecosystem hardware, software and storage to break new ground in smartphone imaging.”

Dual-screen and two selfie cameras also add to its USP. LG V10 also has two layers of glass which protects the display against damage. To promote its first V-series phone, LG is offering a 200GB microSD card, a spare 3000 mAh battery and a charging cradle free of cost to buyers. The offer is limited. So go get your V10 before November 15 and get some goodies along with the device.

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