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LG Unveils 18-inch Rollable Display For CES 2016

LG Unveils 18-inch Rollable Display For CES 2016
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LG Unveils 18-inch Rollable Display For CES 2016

LG Electronics has unveiled a foldable 18-inch display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Read on for details.

The Consumer Electronics Show has begun. Companies are putting their best foot forward and showcasing their products at the event. Nvidia and LG Electronics are two companies that are in the news for CES 2016. Nvidia is currently talked-about for announcing a supercomputer for self-driving cars. LG Electronics, on the other hand, for unveiling a flexible 18-inch display.

Foldable displays are the future of tablets and smartphones. As the size of these gadgets is increasing, they are losing their USP. They are no more travel-friendly. To solve the issue, companies are now focusing on flexible displays. The rumors were hot that Samsung’s upcoming smartphone Galaxy S7 may sport a foldable display. If this is true, only time will tell.

After a wireless, rollable keyboard, it is time for a display that rolls like a newspaper. Not many details have been given away by LG Electronics about how the technology is developed, but if reports are to be believed, the company is planning to launch a massive 60-inch flexible display by 2017. LG had in 2014 revealed flexible, rollable, OLED displays. According to the report published on 9to5google on July 2014, “LG Display used high molecular substance-based polyimide film as the backplane of the flexible panel instead of conventional plastic to achieve the maximum curvature radius. The polyimide film also helped reduce the thickness of the panel to significantly improve its flexibility.”

Keep watching this space for more updates on LG Electronics and flexible display.

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