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LG Revises Plans To Preserve Palisades

LG Revises Plans To Preserve Palisades
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LG Revises Plans To Preserve Palisades

The beauty and majesty of the Palisades Cliffs have been saved, thanks to the decision of LG Group to scale their building all the way down, The New York Times reports. LG is reportedly planning to build its North American headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey where the company has a 27-acre lot. Meanwhile, CBS New York reports that the project is reportedly worth $300 million.

CBS New York  also reports the LG Group’s initial plan called for a 143-foot tall building that would rise above the city’s tree line. In the said area, the buildings are normally limited to a maximum height of 35 feet. However, a judge ruled in the favor of LG after a variance was granted, thereby changing the zoning. This gave LG the permission it needed to be able to put up its planned complex.

However, oppositions did not stop following the said ruling. Instead, the protests got louder. The New York Times learned that that several high-profile personalities set out to protest the LG construction. This included Senator Chuck Schumer who explained to The New York Times in a statement, “After more than a century of both New York and New Jersey working to preserve the unparalleled natural beauty of the Palisades, one company should not be permitted to sweep in and taint that iconic landscape, particularly when an alternative building plan exists.”

Furthermore, he also told CBS New York, “I am all for building, development and job creation, but the type of building should be appropriate for the area it is in. And, sadly, this LG tower would stick out like a sore thumb in one of the rarest places of all – a sweep of natural beauty in the midst of the most densely packed urban area in America.”

The Democratic senator was not the only one who felt this way. The New York Times reports that there also four former New Jersey governors, four mayors of nearby towns as well as four U.S. ambassadors to South Korea who shares in his sentiment. Not to mention, there are countless protests from various conservation and environmental groups.

Meanwhile, The New York Times also reports that Laurance Rockefeller, an environmental lawyer belonging to the family who donated land for the park, also appealed the to LG Group chairman Bon-Moo Koo after learning from an earlier article in The New York Times that the chairman is a bird watcher. To this, Mr. Bon-Moo Koo reportedly replied, “I assure you that I have great respect for your family’s passion for nature conservation and cultural heritage.” And it is perhaps with these words that the matter came to be resolved.

The New York Times has reported that the LG Group has put forward a new plan bringing the height of the building complex to just a little under 70 feet tall. Moreover, the massive campus will stretch out 360,000 square feet across its property. According to CBS New York, LG plans to double it local employment to over 1,000 by 2019.

Moreover, LG Electronics President and CEO William Cho has issued a statement to CBS New York following the new building plans, remarking, “We have found a solution that satisfies LG’s business needs and addresses concerns of our neighbors on both sides of the Hudson.”

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