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LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7: Hardware, Software, Design And Display

LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7: Hardware, Software, Design And Display via Compfight cc


LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7: Hardware, Software, Design And Display

LG G5 and Galaxy S7, both are hot properties right now. Only a day old, both the phones unveiled at Mobile World Congress Barcelona are already in the limelight. If you are given a choice, which smartphone would you choose? To make it easier for you let’s see who does a better job when we discuss LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7.

Before the release, we cannot review the phones based on performance. We can list down the specs and reach to a conclusion of which brand has done a better job in terms of design, hardware, software, etc. Read on to know who wins the LG GS vs. Galaxy S7 war.

Software and Hardware
Since the launch of Android Marshmallow, there were news that the phones launching in 2016 will come pre-loaded with Android M. As expected, both the smartphones run on Google’s latest operating system. That does not mean that LG G5 and Galaxy S7 are no different. You will definitely get all the Android M features on both the devices but along with the brand’s specialty like Galaxy S7 will come with Samsung Pay. And this is what make them different from each other.

LG G5 and Galaxy S7 are both powered by Snapdragon 820. For Samsung, the chipset will vary depending on the region. When it comes to the battery, Galaxy S7 with 3000 mAh battery is ahead in the race. LG G5 has a slightly weak battery compared to the S7. The capacity of G5 battery is 2800 mAh. Speaking of the storage, G5 has internal storage of 32GB and also supports microSD card. On the other hand, Samsung comes with microSD card along with two storage options: 32 GB and 64 GB.

Design and Display
LG G5’s screen is bigger than that of Galaxy S7. Where G5 sports a 5.3-inch IPS LCD display, the S7 dons a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display. Samsung’s smartphone is a little lighter than LG’s phone. The former weighs 152g and the latter weighs 159g. Even though G5 has a bigger screen, S7’s display is brighter, sharper and more vibrant than that of G5.

At this point on time, at least when you look at the specs list, there is no clear winner between LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7. Both the devices are more or less the same. You can pick your device depending on the price and the brand you prefer. We will soon be back with the phone reviews.

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