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LG Electronics Starts Mass Production of Curved Smartphone Screens

LG Electronics Starts Mass Production of Curved Smartphone Screens


LG Electronics Starts Mass Production of Curved Smartphone Screens

LG Electronics Curved Smartphone ScreensLG Electronics has announced that its Display unit would begin mass producing curved handset displays. The announcement comes a month before the consumer electronics firm launches a new line of smartphones that would feature new types of screens.

Curved displays are arousing curiosity among consumers. Such components are still in initial phases of development. But those are expected to make waves soon. Such screens facilitate foldable or bendable designs. Those could eventually pave the way for handset and wearable devices that come in new forms. As expected, those could possibly change the landscape of the high-end market for smartphones.

The move to curved displays seems to be the game between LG and fellow South Korean technology firm Samsung Electronics. For its part, Samsung is set to unveil its handsets with curved screens this month. The introduction of curved displays is part of the company’s efforts to introduce more innovations as the high-end global mobile market starts to slow down.

LG and Samsung’s curved displays

Just today (October 7), LG Display disclosed that it has already begun mass production of its new six-inch curved displays. Those are bendable from top to bottom. This gives an idea about the smartphone featuring curved display to be launched by LG Electronics next month.

In comparison, Samsung’s new smartphone with curved display is expected to have a screen that could be bent side to side. As mentioned, this new design from Samsung is scheduled to be launched this month. The company is yet to announce any definite date for an unveiling event.

Samsung initiated the move to curved smartphone displays. It was in January this year when it first unveiled prototype of a new handset with flexible screen that could be extended or bent from one side to another side. It took LG several months to make its reaction through the announcement of its own version.

Mass production challenges

But both companies are intending to address more important concerns about production of those curved display handsets. Samsung and LG are yet to devise plans to mass produce those parts more cheaply. They are also expected to work harder to create display panels that are thinner and more heat resistant.

Before curved screens are integrated into smartphones, those have already been used in production of large-screen TV sets. Samsung and LG already released their respective versions of curved OLED TVs this year.

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