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LG Announces Line of Smart Appliances with HomeChat

LG Announces Line of Smart Appliances with HomeChat


LG Announces Line of Smart Appliances with HomeChat

LG Announces Line of Smart Appliances with HomeChatLG has launched a new line of premium smart appliances that feature the company’s HomeChat messaging service in South Korea. The new line includes a camera-equipped refrigerator, a washing machine, and a new Lightwave oven. All of the new devices feature LG’s new HomeChat which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LINE, a popular mobile messenger app, to communicate, control, monitor and share content with the new appliance line.

“Today’s intelligent home appliances offer a variety of useful functions but many consumers still find setting them up an extremely complicated process.” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “Not only does LG HomeChat help simplify and enhance our products, they also deliver a unique user experience, adding even more value to our customers’ lives.”

The LG Smart Refrigerator is equipped with a slew of innovative features including Smart View, Smart Manager, and Health Manager. Smart View enables users to check the contents of the smart refrigerator via the appliance’s built-in internal camera. It can also detect the opening and closing of the smart refrigerator and automatically captures images of the food items stored inside for easier checking.

With Smart Manager, users can check the content of the smart refrigerator via the built-in LCD panel or the LG Smart Refrigerator smartphone app. The Smart Manager’s Freshness Tracker allows users to input a wide range of foods and beverages for expiration date tracking as well as receive meal recommendations based on the refrigerator’s current content. The Health Manager works similarly with the Freshness Tracker but recommends meals based on the user’s age, sex, weight, height, and BMI, as well as recommend daily and weekly meal plans.

The new smart washing machine from LG can be controlled with HomeChat to begin washing cycles by texting “start washing cycle” or texting “what are you doing?” to check the smart washing machine’s status and progress. Users will also be able to select and download different wash cycles via WiFi using the new appliance’s smart touch display.

With the new LG Smart Lightwave oven combined with Recipe Search, users can ask for recommended recipes for specific dishes and the Lightwave oven can set its temperature and cooking time for the particular dish. When the “Return-home” command is sent, the smart oven will ask “what dish would you like to make today?” and open the Recipe Search window for the user to choose a dish and recipe. Users can also receive alerts on their smartphones when new recipes are available.

LG plans to launch the new lineup of HomeChat-compatible appliances in other countries including the United States after the Korean launch.

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