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‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Series: 5 Things That Make The Remake Better!

‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Series: 5 Things That Make The Remake Better!
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‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Series: 5 Things That Make The Remake Better!

Everyone’s favorite “Lethal Weapon” movies have been remade into a TV series! Here are five things that will make it better than (or as good as) the original movies!

#1 It’s ‘Lethal Weapon,’ Duh!

It’s “Lethal Weapon,” and it’s on FOX! The perfect marriage between two of the most recognized brands in the field of entertainment! And the name “Lethal Weapon” is enough to wake people up and take notice.

Damon Wayans, who plays the role of  in the show, echoed this very thought during his interview with CTV News: “There’s too much variety. A name like “Lethal Weapon” gets people’s attention to at least give it a shot.”

#2 Best Remake Yet

“Lethal Weapon” movies were ‘80s classics. Hence, it is only natural people would try and follow it up with an array of remakes, trying to capture the magic that had people memorizing dialogues from the movies.

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This led to remakes such as “48 Hours” and “Miami Vice,” both of which failed to impress. Then there was FOX’s own shaky first attempt at something close to the plot of “Lethal Weapon” back in 2002, called “Fastlane,” which also crashed and burned.

This is the first remake that looks promising enough to finally be successful!

#3 Fresh Stellar Cast

Remaking a classic always comes down to getting the cast right because they have big shoes to fill. When it comes to “Lethal Weapon,” the shoes can’t get any bigger.

Everyone remembers the ultimate duo, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, taking the franchise to where it was and still is in the hearts of millions.

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So naturally, Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford had their work cut out for them as Detectives Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, respectively.

However, according to Entertainment Weekly, Crawford had the hardest job of all – to convincingly play a crazy cop – and he pulls it off!

#4 Sense Of Humor

The kind of humorous references and jokes used to work back when the “Lethal Weapon” movies were released is not going to work today in the 21st century. The makers of the show, thankfully, recognize that.

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This results to wacky dialogues and fresh, bone-tickling antics from both Murtaugh and Riggs, paired with ridiculous action (like ending up in a Grand Prix in the middle of a criminal car chase), making the new series a delight to watch.

#5 You Can Watch It Online!

Unlike movies, which you cannot re-watch again and again unless you get your hands on a DVD, FOX gives you the opportunity to watch the episodes of the “Lethal Weapon” TV series as many times as you want!

In case you missed the pilot of the series, or you just want to feast your eyes on Clayne Crawford again, just click on this link!

For the latest ‘Lethal Weapon’ News please stay tuned in to this site.

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