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Lenovo Unveils Rugged Thinkpad Laptops for Schools

Lenovo Unveils Rugged Thinkpad Laptops for Schools


Lenovo Unveils Rugged Thinkpad Laptops for Schools

Lenovo has unveiled a new line of ThinkPad notebook specifically designed for use in schools – the ThinkPad 11e series.

The ThinkPad 11e series is available in two editions: a traditional clamshell laptop and Lenovo’s Yoga multimode design. Each version of ThinkPad 11e series also come in two operating system variants – a Windows variant and a Chromebook variant. All of the ThinkPad 11e series laptops are powered by Intel processors.

“We have a proven track record of designing laptops and tablets built to last in education environments. With the new ThinkPad 11e devices, we’re raising the bar with new form factors,” said Jerry Paradise, executive director of product marketing, ThinkPad Product Group, Lenovo. “I’m very excited that Lenovo is able to offer a device that’s not only rugged enough for the classroom but also flexible enough to adapt to the many ways technology can be incorporated into the overall learning experience.”

To make the ThinkPad e11 series laptops rugged enough for use in K-12 environments, Lenovo has included features like rubber bumpers, reinforced ports, and stronger hinges. The ThinkPad 11e traditional laptop devices feature an 11.6-inch HD LED antiglare screen while the ThinkPad Yoga 11e variants feature IPS wide viewing angle touchscreen displays.

ThinkPad 11e series laptops are also customizable to meet each school’s unique requirements. These customization options can help students and educators manage their devices. The customizations include asset tagging, BIOS modifications, laser engraving and custom imaging.

“In CDW-G’s work helping K-12 customers adapt technology to support new requirements like Common Core and digital curriculum, we see many schools struggle with choosing the right device for students to carry,” said Julie Smith, vice president for K-12 education, CDW-G. “Lenovo’s new ThinkPad 11e devices will help make that decision easier as they enable students to use them in various ways and can eliminate the need to carry multiple devices.”

The ThinkPad 11e series will be available sometime this spring from Lenovo business partners as well as the Lenovo’s own website, Pricing for the ThinkPad Yoga 11e and ThinkPad 11e models start at $449 while pricing for the ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook and ThinkPad 11e Chromebook models start at $349. The ThinkPad 11e series are available in either Graphite Black or Silver.

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