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Lena Dunham Emphasizes Why Hillary Clinton Is Her President

Lena Dunham Emphasizes Why Hillary Clinton Is Her President
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Lena Dunham Emphasizes Why Hillary Clinton Is Her President

‘Girls’ creator Lena Dunham, once said she was not sure of Hillary Clinton can be an effective president of the United States regarding the hatred toward successful women. But she recently reversed her views.

According to Page Six, the writer and director said she is “used to the intense scrutiny and some of the kind of hatred we’ve ­received around [‘Girls’], but . . . ­every day Hillary is campaigning against a set of odds that none of the other candidates can even imagine.” Dunham also stated, “The other candidates are white men and they cannot understand, even if they can understand it intellectually . . . for what it’s like to be under that kind of attack, and I’m so impressed by the way Hillary continues to soldier forth.”

As stated by NY Daily News, the creator of the HBO series Girls is a passionate supporter of Hillary and not because she is a woman. When she was at the The Hollywood Reporter’s party for the 35 most powerful people in New York media, Dunham said that every time she hears a person said that she only vote for Clinton for the reason that she’s a female, her soul dies a little bit.

Dunham said that the generation today is really lucky to have two super-smart Democratic candidates who are advancing the state of debate in the United States.

While the prestigious director Steven Spielberg and Kendall Jenner is with the former First Lady.

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