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Lena Dunham ‘Immobilized’: ‘Seriously Injured’ Filming ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes

Lena Dunham ‘Immobilized’: ‘Seriously Injured’ Filming ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes
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Lena Dunham ‘Immobilized’: ‘Seriously Injured’ Filming ‘Girls’ Sex Scenes

Lena Dunham revealed she was immobilized and was seriously injured after filming sex scenes for the last season of “Girls.”

The 30-year-old American actress, who is also the creator of HBO’s “Girls” series, said in an interview on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show that she got herself in injury after she had sex scenes with his male partner.

“I’m fairly accident prone and lots of things have happened to me on set but the last week of filming I ended up having to go to physical therapy because of a sex scene injury,” Lena Dunham told the host.

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Lena Dunham then explained that she was telling her partner that she was “flexible” and is a “beast.”

“I was really reaching. I was basically telling my scene partner I could do physical things that I can’t actually do,” she continued.

The next day however, Lenda Dunham found herself not feeling well. By the end of the week, she was “immobilized” already, The Daily Mail said.

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The “Girls” creator added that her hips got out of joint because she “forced a very nice man to hold my legs in a position they couldn’t go in.”

Lena Dunham also revealed that the certain sex position she had with her male partner was the “wheelbarrow” position” before re-enacting the scene in front of Seth Meyers, The Daily Star said.

She said that “Girls” wanted to show sex in an “unvarnished” light and not to arouse its viewers.

“Have you ever had fun having sex? I mean it’s OK. I feel enthused that I’ve done it, I can tell people I’ve done it before,” she told Seth Meyers.

She hinted that her final scene was in a field, raining without her pants on.

“Girls” final season will be released by January 2017.

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