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Lego’s ‘Minifigures’ Join Facebook’s Sticker Collection

Lego’s ‘Minifigures’ Join Facebook’s Sticker Collection


Lego’s ‘Minifigures’ Join Facebook’s Sticker Collection

Facebook’s sticker collection is growing, not surprisingly. The social networking site has announced that the popular minifigures from giant toy manufacturer Lego Group have been included in available virtual stickers that are used to further express the personality and emotions when using the messaging services of the Website.

In a statement, Facebook Inc said the Lego minifigures are finally breaking out of their typical toy boxes to get into the ‘scene.’ The company announced that the minifigures could not be downloaded without any charge. This means that those stickers could also be used to make messaging more exciting and interesting in the site.

Several of the Lego minifigures are animated stickers. Those are not just colorful but also entertaining. Among the instant attention grabbers are the stickers that depict odd characters like a robot, a boxer, and a guy dressed in chicken outfit.

Significant partnership

According to market observers, this partnership between Facebook and Lego could appropriately be considered as ‘significant.’ This somehow surprised some analysts, especially since Lego is simply the biggest brand that has been added by the social networking site to its roster of stickers.

Meanwhile, to others, this team up could be an indication that Lego is gearing towards eventually offering paid packs of stickers. This surprising deal could just be a way for the Danish firm to test the waters and explore more new ways to get into the lucrative online communication and messaging services.

An important and strategic move for Lego

For Lego, this move should be taken as indicative of its intent to get along well with the popular social media. The company has started asking users for their feedback about the Lego minifigures through the Lego Facebook Page and through Twitter, using the hashtag #legostickers.

The company assured the consumers that it intends to listen to feedbacks from the social media. It also asked its fans to suggest some ideas to make future sticker packs more interesting and enticing. Lego minifigures as Facebook stickers are for users aged 13 years old and older. However, it is logically instantly popular among children as well.

Sticker packs are currently serious and lucrative businesses. For instance, Asian chat and messaging app Line generates over $10 million in revenues each month just through marketing and selling its own sets of stickers to its millions of users, mostly within its home front region.

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