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Legoland Florida Resort Caters To Needs Of Children With Autism

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Legoland Florida Resort Caters To Needs Of Children With Autism

One resort in Florida is taking pro-active steps to make sure that children with autism get to enjoy its attractions like everyone else. Recently, Legoland Florida Resort announced new facilities and special privileges for guests with autism spectrum disorders.

Legoland Florida Resort has long been working with the North and Central Florida chapter of Autism Speaks. With the organization’s help, the resort says it has been able to come up with various services and facilities to make children with autism more comfortable during their visit.

Spaces transformed into ‘quiet rooms.’

For starters, Legoland Florida has now transformed some of its spaces into “quiet rooms.” Here, guests with autism spectrum can readily take a little break with their families. Here, children can use the noise-canceling headphones that are readily available. Aside from that, these rooms are also equipped with squishy toys, weighted blankets and Lego building table. Meanwhile, for families who decide to venture off to the Legoland Water Park, a similar space is also available at Guest Services.

Guests with autism spectrum no longer need to wait in line.

Aside from the “quiet rooms,” Legoland Florida has also created a “Blue Hero Pass” for guests with autism spectrum. With this free pass, guests would no longer to stay waiting in line. Instead, they get to bypass the standby line at all of the resort’s popular attractions.

To help further accommodate guests with autism spectrum, Legoland Florida has also turned its new employees into Model Citizens. This means they have received specialized training in catering to the needs of guests with autism spectrum as well as their families and caregivers.

And to make sure that shows and rides at Legoland are autism friendly as much as possible, the resort also came up with “social stories.” These are step-by-step illustrations of all the rides and shows throughout Legoland Florida. This way, guests with autism will not be surprised by sudden periods of darkness, bright lights or loud noises.

Discounts available in celebration of Autism Awareness Month.

Meanwhile, in celebration of Autism Awareness Month this April, Legoland Florida said they’ll be contributing $15 of its proceeds from each ticket sold to Autism Speaks’ North and Central Florida chapter. At the same time, Autism Speaks supporters will be able to purchase theme park tickets that they can print at home at $48 off the regular price. This offer will be available online via Autism Speaks from April 1 to May 31.

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