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LEGO Teases ‘Doctor Strange,’ Costume Details Revealed

LEGO Teases ‘Doctor Strange,’ Costume Details Revealed
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc


LEGO Teases ‘Doctor Strange,’ Costume Details Revealed

The release date of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch is approaching fast. After the response its trailer received, Marvel has been strategizing its promotional campaign, and it’s more teasing than that of Captain America: Civil War.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, we got our hands on a picture of the Doctor Strange LEGO set that hints at a certain sequence from the movie. The image reveals Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange fighting each other in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

This isn’t the first time Marvel used LEGO to hint sequences from yet-to-release movies. However, it doesn’t have a history of being accurate (a previous LEGO set showed Mandarin against Iron Man on a crane). On the other hand, Marvel teased the all-out skirmish of the Avengers in Civil War, which turned out to be true.

The creature seen in the Doctor Strange set seems to have been summoned by someone inside the Sanctum. While we can’t expect that this would be in the movie, it still remains a possibility.

In other news, Infinity Arc has their hands on promotional merchandises from Doctor Strange. All products feature Benedict Cumberbatch front and center, according to Screen Rant. The studio is promoting the movie to the younger audience with the hopes of gaining more viewers than Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel is on a winning streak with Phase 3 of its cinematic universe. The success of Captain America: Civil War in the box office met expectations of fans. Now, everyone is looking forward to Doctor Strange. Hopefully, the movie is as thrilling as its trailer.

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