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‘Lego Movie 2’ Release Date Delayed? Know More Details Here

‘Lego Movie 2’ Release Date Delayed? Know More Details Here
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‘Lego Movie 2’ Release Date Delayed? Know More Details Here

Fans have been waiting for the Lego Movie 2 release date over the past several months. However, it appears that the Lego Movie 2 film will not be released anytime soon so fans will have to wait a little longer.

It was previously reported that Warner Bros’ intends to focus more on their individual franchises like DC comics and Harry Potter. Although the Lego franchise — The Lego Batman Movie spinoff and the Lego Movie 2 — are still in flux.

The Lego Movie 2 release date was pushed back by almost a year. The movie was supposed to be released on  March 18, 2018, but it was postponed to February 8, 2019, Deadline noted. This means the sequel to the film will come out almost five years after the first Lego movie was released.

Apparently, The Lego Movie 2 is not the only movie whose release date is being postponed by the studio. The disaster film named Geostorm is now postponed for the second time while Bastards, the Owen Wilson and Ed Helms comedy, is rescheduled for January 2017 — three months later than the alleged release date in November.

Going by the original release schedule, these movies would compete against Marvel’s Dr. Strange at the box office. Rescheduling the release date was a wise decision, but the reason behind release date changes for these movies for the second time is still unknown.

CinemaBlend pointed out that Animation film generally takes longer time to produce compared to other genres. It is possible the Lego Movie 2 release date was pushed back because the producers are still working harder to improve the sequel.

Previously, Zootopia had a lot of story revisions and different story iterations. Fans were left disappointed until Disney settled for the story that eventually seen in theaters.

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