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LEGO Launches ‘The Simpsons House’

LEGO Launches ‘The Simpsons House’


LEGO Launches ‘The Simpsons House’

LEGO Launches The Simpsons HouseThere is good news for fans of the animated TV series ‘The Simpsons.’ After almost 25 years in the business, the well-loved fictitious family finally gets the iconic LEGO treatment. And it is just very special.

The new playset from LEGO features the house of the Simpsons, no less. More interesting to fans surely would be the inclusion in the package of minifigures—five of the Simpson family members and one of their neighbors Ned Flanders.

The designers from the company have revealed that the 2,500-brick Simpson house comprises of various elements. It has a detachable roof, Homer’s pink car complete with dent, and modular design. As expected, the LEGO package also comes with the popular family couch, which is known as the venue of the weekly gags of the animated family.

Simpson family and house

This set would also be the first time that LEGO comes up with a minifigure that has molded sleeves and shorts. Bart has to take that credit alone. The interesting Simpson family house could also be opened to expose the rooms, including the mini-TV set, which shows ‘The Itchy and Scratchy Show,’

In a statement, the company said the amazing model was taken right out of the TV show’s Springfield. The model is also amazingly crammed with lots of LEGO bricks. When one lifts off its roof, Homer and Marge’s family bedroom would be showed that includes Maggie’s crib and bed, Bart’s room along with his favorite skateboard, Lisas’s room and her favorite book collections, and a poster from Krusty the Clown.

The set’s top floor could also be adopted. Doing so would expose the fully-fitted knowledge, complete with dining table, chairs, and yellow and light-blue collared Christmas lights. It is also noticeable how Home’s car features a ‘radioactive’ bar from a typical nuclear power plant.

LEGO’s new toy

LEGO also released the retail cost for the entire set: $199.99. The first images of the new LEGO playset were released a few weeks ago. The house of Simpsons would be opened to the public beginning February 1.

The company has described the LEGO set as an ideal mix of the most iconic pop culture in history. It is an interesting collaboration between the most popular toy brand in the world and the 25-yar old ‘The Simpsons,’ which is considered as the most popular series on TV of all time.

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