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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Plot: White Canary Could Have A New Love Interest

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Plot: White Canary Could Have A New Love Interest
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 2 Plot: White Canary Could Have A New Love Interest

What started out with Arrow as a TV series about a vigilante similar to Batman has now landed in a world of science fiction with Legends of Tomorrow. Since then, CW has grown to new heights and has successfully renewed all the DC TV Universe shows. So, what can we expect from them in the next seasons?

As Legends of Tomorrow nears its return with season 2, it’s quite obvious that fans are excited to witness a gripping crossover. With Arrow and The Flash crossovers, CW was able to promote both TV series to the audience but it also brought their universes closer, affecting each other’s storyline in their series.

The Legends of Tomorrow is a series that was born out of characters from both Arrow and The Flash. Although the show has its own plot, its series as whole is largely connected to other DC TV Universe shows.

Due to the unexpected turn of events after The Flash’s season 2 finale, we can expect an exciting crossover with Legends of Tomorrow in season 2. However, the dynamic storyline of CWs DC TV shows makes it harder to pan out theories. Luckily, Caity Lotz (White Canary) has given us a glimpse at Legends of Tomorrow events in season 2.

According to her recent interview with Movie Fone, the actress shared interesting details on her character and thoughts on future Crossovers.

“Crossovers are what I’m most excited for, just because the potential of that! I want to go on The Flash,” Lotz said. “I want everybody to come on to our show. I want to see, like, especially with Earth Two on Flash, I think it’d be really cool to kind of see the Black Siren, which is Katie Cassidy.”

As the first episode in The Flash season 3 is already titled to be “Flashpoint,” it’s quite possible that its events in season 2 have affected the DC timeline. This could in-turn have cause a slight rupture in Legends of Tomorrow storyline as well, involving both TV shows in a crossover.

On a lighter note, Caity Lotz has been dearly missed by fans in Arrow, as she played a wonderful role as Sara Lance a.k.a the first Black Canary. The superhero was known for her traits and her interesting romance life. Since then, her character has gone down a rough road with her resurrection, the death of her beloved sister and losing her lover Nyssa.

However, it looks like the TV series is planning on re-kindling her love interest in Legends of Tomorrow season 2. “I think Sara might get a new girlfriend! Katrina Law is one of my favorite humans. She’s got a new show, so hopefully we can steal her away. She worked it in her deal so that she could come,” Lotz added.

In Arrow, Lotz relationship with Katrina law (Nyssa al Ghul) while she was Black Canary was one of the most loved duo in the series. Although Law’s schedule is currently busy with Training day series, Lotz suggested that Katrina isn’t quite done with her role as Nyssa yet.

While The Flash and Arrow are currently at a gripping point in their series, Legends of Tomorrow is just starting out as it dives deep into science fiction, exploring time and space with possibilities of trans-dimensional exploration. Legends of Tomorrow season 2 is scheduled to premiere on October 13th, Thursday.

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