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LeBron James To Partner with Stephen Curry In Warriors Next Season?

LeBron James To Partner with Stephen Curry In Warriors Next Season?
James LeBron vs Steph Curry from Youtube Channel R17 Productions


LeBron James To Partner with Stephen Curry In Warriors Next Season?

Are we going to witness an intriguing drama in this offseason? LeBron James is unhappy with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some believe that he plans to leave the Cavs for the second time in his career. Such rumors are growing louder everyday. Where will James end up? Well, the speculations are on.

Stephen A Smith of ESPN first aired the possibilities of LeBron James leaving Cleveland. The cryptic messages James has posted during the last week also means dissatisfaction, according to Deadspin. James did say that,  “something is really wrong with me”, as we have reported earlier.

“What everybody who’s close to him continuously reminds me of is: ‘don’t you dare take LeBron for granted or think he’s trapped into staying in Cleveland just because he came back. Don’t put it past him that he’ll get so annoyed that he’ll leave again if he feels like he’s being taken for granted, ran into the ground, and, essentially, misused,”  Stephen A Smith told ESPN Radio.

Now the question is, what are his landing options? The Golden State Warriors are among the teams willing to take the Cavs All-star. Some experts and fans are reluctant about the probability of James teaming up with Curry.

Why Would He Choose The Warriors?

James wants to win more NBA titles. The only reason for his dissatisfaction with the Cavs is that the team-chemistry isn’t working. The Cavs have already sacked their head coach, and Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving may leave the team this offseason. LeBron James is getting older and he’s starving for proper supporting play.

James isn’t hopeful about this Cavaliers’ future, especially when it comes to winning the NBA title past the well-oiled machine that is the Warriors. In a quite similar situation in 2010, he left the Cavs and joined the Miami Heat.

The Warriors on the other hand are going through a dream run and there can’t be any better supporting options than Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo Sports has ruled out possibilities of James exiting Cleveland, as he can’t win the league anywhere else  if he fails with the Cavs. But there is one team which can provide the platform and assurance of clinching another NBA title to LeBron James.

And undoubtedly, it’s the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors’ giant strides may have broken James and they are the team who is most likely to get him that coveted NBA trophy.

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