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Leap Motion Controller Integrates into Special Edition HP Envy Laptop

Leap Motion Controller Integrates into Special Edition HP Envy Laptop


Leap Motion Controller Integrates into Special Edition HP Envy Laptop

Leap Motion Controller Integrates into Special Edition HP Envy LaptopLeap Motion has announced the integration of its Leap Motion Controller feature into a new 17-inch laptop made by Hewlett-Packard. The motion-controlled notebook is a special edition HP Envy laptop that would be released next month. The price tag would be at $1,049.99.

Motion Controller is a revolutionary technology that facilitates playing, learning, creating, and exploring of PC features just by moving hands into the air. It is known to use advanced motion sensors to initiate interaction between the user and the computer.

The 17-inch HP Envy special edition laptop appears like a typical notebook PC. It also operates just like most other HP computing machines. However, anyone could easily notice the dark plastic window located in the surface. That is the integrated Leap Motion Controller, which would enable the laptop to interact with its user through motion using an embedded sensor. The controller could be activated and deactivated, upon the requirement of the user. It is a major feature that would make the laptop special and unique.

Reaching more consumers

In a statement, Leap Motion admitted that it was difficult to integrate its 3 X 1-inch Leap Motion Controller device into the laptop. To embed it into the HP portable PC, Leap Motion developed a brand new micro sensor, which is much smaller compared to the predecessor as it stands just 3.5 mm tall but still remains equally powerful.

Shrinking technology without compromising its capabilities was a major achievement for Leap Motion. After its collaboration with HP, the company aims to further bring its motion control feature to more consumers. To this date, Leap Motion said it could only disclose the fact that its Leap Motion Controller would appear in more devices in the future. It refused to provide more details or to even name the companies it is collaborating with.

Controller technology

Leap Motion’s partnership with HP was announced in April. That time, both companies did not disclose too much about the possible collaboration between them.

Leap Motion first unveiled its controller technology in May. Leap Motion Controller instantly gathered interest from over 60,000 developers from all over the world. The special device has a 150-degree view. It is able to track and identify individual hands, including each of 10 fingers at about 290 frames each second. That technology was finally launched in July and was released with an $80 price tag per unit.

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