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Leaked iOS Hints At iPhone Support For Samsung Gear S2; Now Available At $249.99

Leaked iOS Hints At iPhone Support For Samsung Gear S2; Now Available At $249.99
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Leaked iOS Hints At iPhone Support For Samsung Gear S2; Now Available At $249.99

Amazon is offering the Samsung Gear S2 for $249.99, with almost $50 discount on the original price of the base model that costs you US$299. In a recent leaked report, the wearable is said to enjoy iOS support with Gear Manager soon. This means you can now sync the wearable with an iPhone while talking, chatting or exchanging messages with friends and colleagues.

The Gear Manager is an iOS app that will soon be officially available from the App Store. As for now, you can visit it online to explore the features of Gear Manager for iOS app. You may check out a few screenshots of a beta Gear S2 on the XDA forum, offering insights into the design and the app features.

Members of the XDA forum took a step ahead in verifying the app by downloading it and testing its functionality. The app is able to send notifications to the smart watch and perform more than that by being able to manage apps from the Gear store on the device.

After examining the app’s performance, testers gave their feedback that the wearable can receive notifications from iPhone. But it will take some time before users can receive or reply to calls. Bear this in mind that the Gear S2 Lite app should be running in the background for creating a connection between the app and the watch, notes MacRumors.

It is still not known when the Gear S2 iOS app will release, but from leaked reports we can expect a release soon. Right now, the wearable is running on the company’s own-built Tizen Operating System. The small gadget boasts a 1.2-inch AMOLED display, which is a popular type of display used in wearables these days. The demand of AMOLED is growing in leaps owing to its higher battery life in comparison to other displays, as reported by WCCFTech.

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