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Leaked Emails From Tom Brady Reveals Strong Emotion Towards Pool Covers

Leaked Emails From Tom Brady Reveals Strong Emotion Towards Pool Covers
Tom Brady WEBN-TV/ Flickr CC license


Leaked Emails From Tom Brady Reveals Strong Emotion Towards Pool Covers

Following Tom Brady’s suspension for four games in connection with the NFL’s deflategate scandal, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) recently announced they had filed a petition on behalf of Tom Brady with the Minnesota District Court. They continue to argue that the evidence against Brady is “paper-thin.”

As part of the petition presented to the Minnesota District Court, the NFLPA also included certain email messages sent by Brady that, the Boston Globe reports, is part of the refiling. Moreover, the said emails can be accessed by anyone who has a PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) account. This included one where Brady referred to ESPN’s Mark Brunell as a “Patriot Hater” and others regarding mundane stuff such as a golf trip, approval of game plans and getting a URL for his company.

However, Brady’s email exchanges concerning pool covers offer an insight as to how he really feels about them as shown in the email messages obtained by the Business Insider. For one thing, Brady did not think getting another pool cover even if his manager Ben Rawitz thought that he had to. No one can blame him. After all, the price of a pool cover is $8,500. That does not even include the installation fee of $240.

After he was quoted the said prices, Brady demanded to know why he had to get one. In turn, Rawitz explained to him that he needed it for the winter. This got Brady a little mad. After all, you would expect that these companies have figured out how to make pool covers that can be used all year-round.

And it is only after Rawitz explained the situation to him that the new pool covers are, after all, necessary. Nonetheless, Brady wondered if they can just be purchased the following month. Rawitz then told Brady it’s possible to wait another month. Brady decided to go with a pool cover in white, similar to his existing one.

Then he learns that his color of choice is not available. He said, “What kind of morons don’t have white cover.”

He also wanted to check if they can get the pool cover from another company. However, this argument was cut short when Rawitz stated that Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, has already made an order. And in fact, the former model went with gray.

And so, the pool cover discussion came to a rather swift end.

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