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LAX Shooting: Man In Zorro Costume Arrested (Video)

LAX Shooting: Man In Zorro Costume Arrested (Video)
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LAX Shooting: Man In Zorro Costume Arrested (Video)

LAX shooting reports were denied by the LAX Airport Police Department on Sunday, after people claimed that loud noises made everyone panic.

Due to the incident, multiple terminals were evacuated. Several people took to social media and stated that they were standing on the tarmac surrounded by police.

The ordeal involving loud noises was first reported just after 8:30 p.m. However, according to CBS Local, the LAX Airport Police Department could not confirm the existence of an active shooter.

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Afterwards, video footage filmed in front of LAX shows a man in a Zorro costume being arrested by armed police. It is unknown whether he has anything to do with the LAX shooting incident.

Law enforcement authorities at the airport were on high alert since reports of loud noises and the presence of an active shooter were revealed to be false.

Andy Neiman, commanding officer at the Los Angeles Police Department media relations unit, tweeted:

Moments after the report was made, the LAPD initiated an investigation into the matter. During the investigation, passengers were screened and checked. Simultaneously, photos emerged on social media. A photo posted by a man named Kenny Stavert shows people in the airport lying on the ground, as law enforcement authorities police make their way down a corridor in the building, according to Chinchilla News.

Ultimately, authorities gave an official statement saying there was no shooter. However, they were re-screening all passengers, said the officials.

The arrest of the man in Zorro costume is something to behold amidst all the chaos. Whether this man is involved in the LAX shooting has not yet been disclosed.

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