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Laundry Ball Deals With Pesky Microfibers And Saves The Oceans

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Laundry Ball Deals With Pesky Microfibers And Saves The Oceans

If you want to do nature some good and get rid of microfibers in your laundry at the same time, then this new laundry ball is for you.

Microfibers are a bigger problem for the world than you may think. Every single time someone does their laundry, clothes shed off these tiny shreds of microfibers. Eventually, they go down the washing machine drains. And from these drains, they end up going through wastewater treatment before eventually ending up in America’s waterways. This, in turn, ends up creating significant microfiber pollution in the country.

According to the Rozalia Project, microfiber pollution is the “single biggest pollution facing our ocean.” Microfibers flow in to the ocean in trillions of pieces every time a household using the washing machine. In fact, one fleece jacket alone sheds off as much as 250,000 pieces per garment per wash. And in New York, up to 6.8 billion of microfibers make their way into the harbor every single day. These include plastic and chemical-covered non-plastics materials.

To stop the flow of problematic microfibers into the world’s ocean, Rachael Z. Miller decided to spring into action. She founded The Rozalia Project, named after her great-grandmother who made her way to America by sea back in 1922. With her organization, Miller hoes to help reduce the plastic problem in the ocean. This is exactly why she came up with Cora Ball. It is said to be the “world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball.”

This laundry ball catches all sorts of microfibers.

This laundry ball is capable of collecting all kinds of microfibers along with hair. What’s more, it works well, whether your washing machine is a top loader or front loader. According to The Rozalia Project, if just 10 percent of households across America use Cora Ball, the oceans, lakes and rivers would be spared from microfiber pollution with a plastic equivalent of 30 million bottles each year.

You can purchase your very own Cora Ball now by donating to Miller’s campaign on Kickstarter. Estimated delivery of the laundry ball is July 2017.

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