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Latest Xbox One System Update Detailed and Released

Latest Xbox One System Update Detailed and Released


Latest Xbox One System Update Detailed and Released

Latest Xbox One System Update Detailed and ReleasedThe latest update for Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console the Xbox One will begin rolling out to consumer consoles starting tonight and over the next few days. The update includes changes to the Friends app, improvements to the Kinect, changes to the GameDVR, and a few other things.

The changes to the Friends app, which were the most requested according to Microsoft, include the addition of notifications when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. Friends playing a multiplayer match or game will also now be listed as doing such.

Microsoft has also fine-tuned the quality and reliability of voice and motion commands with the Kinect including updates to gesture functionality to minimize false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands. 50Hz Blu-ray support for content recorded at 50Hz, improvements to the GameDVR’s video quality, and firmware updates to the controller and headset adapter meant to reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity is also included in this new update.

There are also changes to the way Game and App saves and updates are handled which include the addition of a game save progress bar which will show players the status of their game saves. It will also now be easier to tell which games and apps are currently updating or have been updated recently.

Lastly, Microsoft has made post-update silent rebooting as well as update on demand available with the new update. Post-update silent rebooting means consoles in Instant On mode will receive and apply the update automatically but will return to standby upon completion. This removes the need to manually power on one’s console after an update. Updates can also now be manually initiated with update on demand.

The new update was initially made available to users included in the Xbox One update preview program, where users can try out every new update before it officially rolls out to the general public.

“Again, I’d like to thank all of the Xbox Live members who previewed features with us and shared some of their feedback. Their input helped shape this system update, and we look forward to expanding our list of previewing Xbox Live members in the coming months,” said Larry Hyrb a.k.a. Major Nelson, Microsoft’s Director of Programming for Xbox Live.

The update preview program began back in February with the update that rolled out that month which included improvements to the user interface. The March update, which included new multiplayer features, was also previewed by those included in the preview program.

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