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Latest Survey Shows 60% Of Americans Now Support Same-Sex Marriage

Latest Survey Shows 60% Of Americans Now Support Same-Sex Marriage
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Latest Survey Shows 60% Of Americans Now Support Same-Sex Marriage

A latest survey by Gallup has now shown that a whopping 60 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage throughout the Unites States. Respondents further believe that same-sex couples should be afforded the same rights and privileges as that of traditional couples and marriages.

The approval nod, according to Gallup, was first witnessed in a 2011 survey. Since then, the number of Americans showing support for same-sex marriages has grown steadily. In 2014, 55 percent of American respondents gave their thumbs up.

“Support for the legality of gay marriages in the US has been a fast-changing trend. Just two decades ago, only 27 percent of Americans backed gay marriage, while 68 percent opposed,” Gallup said. By 2005, the percentage in favor had increased by 10 points to 37 percent, and by 2010 it had reached 44 percent, it added.

The positive high comes a month before the Supreme Court releases a ruling declaring the constitutionality or otherwise of same-sex marriages. A total of 1,024 adults in 50 U.S. states and D.C. participated in the poll in early May.

Gallup revealed that this year’s poll was backed by America’s major political groups. Some 37 percent of Republicans, 64 percent of independents, and 76 percent of Democrats expressed support for same-sex marriage. Gallup noted this year’s contrast to the period prior to 2005. That time, only the independents were brave enough to show open and strong support for same-sex unions. The change of heart among the U.S. politicians could be fuelled by the sentiments revealed by the respondents. “About a quarter of Americans (26 percent) say they vote for a political candidate solely based on his or her stance on gay marriage.”

The Gallup poll likewise noted a generational shift, which showed that 54 percent of Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 are in favor of supporting gay marriage.

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