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Latest Apple TV Web Service To Miss WWDC 2015

Latest Apple TV Web Service To Miss WWDC 2015
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Latest Apple TV Web Service To Miss WWDC 2015

According to the latest news by Re/Code, one of the most anticipated Apple TV updates is going to miss WWDC, scheduled to kick off from June 8.

There have been rumors floating about the latest Apple TV update that will be officially announced in the annual Worldwide Developer Conference 2015. However, according to the latest news, standing just a week before WWDC, one of the major anticipated updates of Apple TV will be missing from the conference.

As told to network executives by the Cupertino technology company, the scheduled unveiling of the feature will be held back as licensing deals have not yet been finalized by Apple. As predicted by the executives of the industry, the launch of the web TV offering might be postponed until later of the year or it can even be dragged until 2016.

During the WWDC, the company is expected to announce a new music streaming service, a sleeker set-top box and operating system updates But the Apple subscription TV service is expected to be missing.

Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS, had told last week at the Code Conference that his company is trying to sign a deal with Apple; this week he admitted that they are not yet finished talking on financial terms.

Moreover, as indicated by sources, Apple is still working on the technology required for delivering local programs to the much-anticipated web TV service.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Apple web TV aims to bundle as much as 25 channels or so for streaming for a monthly subscription costing $30 or $40. Integration of local TV is a special feature of the service, which makes it different from services like Sling TV. Hence, until Apple is done with the technology needed for the broadcasters to deliver local programs through Apple TV, the service is not going to be launched or even debuted.

The news is no doubt depressing for people who had already planned to cut down their TV subscriptions within a couple of months and shift to the all-new Apple service. However, it is always better to wait longer than suffer with a service that does not meet expectations.

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