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‘The Last Of Us 2’ Release Date Nears! Uncharted 4 Hints Ellie’s Pregnancy

‘The Last Of Us 2’ Release Date Nears! Uncharted 4 Hints Ellie’s Pregnancy
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‘The Last Of Us 2’ Release Date Nears! Uncharted 4 Hints Ellie’s Pregnancy

While fans await the release of Uncharted 4, a few gamers gained access to leaked copies. To their surprise, the copy included an easter egg: a poster of what may be “The Last of Us 2” featuring a young girl, holding what seems like a magnum gun and wearing a gas mask.

That’s not all, though; the title on the poster says, “The Last of Us: American Daughters,” revealing a bump on her belly. Fans are already suggesting the girl is none other than Ellie, based on her structure, hair and inner clothing.

Due to Uncharted 4, other projects like The Last of Us 2 were put on hold. This poster could be an unofficial indication by the developers of Naughty Dog that they have resumed developing “The Last of Us 2.”

But the release of Uncharted 4 DLC is still underway. Although it is highly doubtful for developers to reveal details such as teasers, the publisher’s intentions seem to be to instill hope to fans. Furthermore, another poster along with the game is a comic book featured in “The Last of Us,” Savage Starlight 2. Ellie used to hunt these comic book in-game.

In other news, Uncharted 4 will officially be available for purchase on May 10. The picture below may help you decide if the girl is really Ellie as hinted by fans. For now, check out the image below.

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