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Last Man On Earth Season 3: Gail Klosterman Pregnant, Mr. T Comes To Malibu

Last Man On Earth Season 3: Gail Klosterman Pregnant, Mr. T Comes To Malibu
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Last Man On Earth Season 3: Gail Klosterman Pregnant, Mr. T Comes To Malibu

The wait is over and fans of the “Last Man On Earth” can mark September 25 on their calendars as the day on which the season 3 of the series premieres at 9:30 pm ET/PT on the Fox Network. The upcoming season is to pick up from where the last season ended.

“Last Man On Earth” Season 2 ended leaving a number of questions on the viewers’ minds.

Fans were left wondering about the identity of the two hazmat-suited, gun-wielding individuals whom Phil and company saw heading for the survivors’ shore on a boat with Pat, played by Mark Boone Junior. The fans were kept in the dark about their intentions and the season 3 will reveal all that remained unexplained in the last season.

The upcoming season of the post-apocalyptic comedy series will also see what happens to Phil’s brother and if it was the last time fans could see Mike. According to a report by the Movie News Guide, episode 1 of the upcoming season will take the story where it was left off the last season.

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The safety of Tandy and the group is threatened and no one knows what needs to be done in the face of such a crisis. However, the “Last Man on Earth” manages to find humour in a situation such as this, as Phil and company run everywhere, the Spoiler TV reported.

While fans eagerly wait for the season 3 to take off and unsolved the mystery, Will Forte, the star/creator/executive producer of the series teases three hints for the fans to speculate upon. According to EW, two of them is true, and one is not. These three hints are,

  1. Gail Klosterman becomes a mom.
  2. T comes to Malibu.
  3. The world’s population is cut in half.

“Last Man On Earth” Season 3 will return with its principal cast including, Will Forte as Phil Miller, January Jones as Melissa Shart, Kristen Schaal as Carol Pilbasian, Mary Steenburgen as Gail, Cleopatra Coleman as Erica and Mel Rodriguez as Todd.

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