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‘The Last Guardian’ Details Revealed By ESRB, There Will Be Blood

‘The Last Guardian’ Details Revealed By ESRB, There Will Be Blood
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‘The Last Guardian’ Details Revealed By ESRB, There Will Be Blood

It has been a long time coming. More and more details are emerging regarding the gameplay mechanics of The Last Guardian, a PS4 exclusive about a boy and his beloved larger-than-life companion.

New ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) revealed that the game has received a Teen rating for blood and fantasy violence. In a lengthy paragraph, ESRB explains the combat and buddy system the developers of the game have revealed so far in trailers:

This is an action-adventure game in which players control a young boy as he explores ruins and solves puzzles with his giant animal companion (Trico). Players can command Trico to zap blocked passages or strike enemies with a lightning attack that shoots from its tail. Enemies in suits of armor generally break into pieces when defeated; though soldiers sometimes emit blood-like flashes or red symbols when injured. In some levels, the player’s character can rip the helmets off enemy characters, though no gore is shown. Cutscenes also depict acts of violence and occasional blood: Trico attacked by spears or swords; Trico bleeding from wounds.

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So basically, as revealed by ESRB, the players control the boy, merely giving orders to Trico. This will definitely require more strategy compared to having the freedom to control the giant animal from the get-go. Not to mention players may be required to have more patience whenever Trico messes up the commands.

But since the game is directed by Fumito Ueda, one doesn’t need to be surprised with this mechanic. Ueda is responsible for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, both games focusing on a character’s relationship with a friend. The ability to control Trico may be limiting gameplay-wise, but at least players will find it easy looking at Trico as a friend. Will tears be involved in the end?

In development for almost ten years, The Last Guardian will be released worldwide on December 6 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Watch a new gameplay video from Tokyo Game Show below:

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