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Larry Gordon: Berrien County Shooting Gunman Identified, Photo & Facts About Him

Larry Gordon: Berrien County Shooting Gunman Identified, Photo & Facts About Him
Civil War Memorial Berrien County Courthouse, Nashville, Berrien County, Georgia Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons cc


Larry Gordon: Berrien County Shooting Gunman Identified, Photo & Facts About Him

The man who snatched a deputy’s gun inside the Berrien County Courthouse and fatally shot two bailiffs and injured two others has been identified as Larry Gordon.

His ex-wife Jessica Gordon is the mother of his children. She said that officers came by to her place to inform her about what happened. On Monday, shortly after 9 p.m., the sheriff organized a news conference publicly confirming the man’s identity.

According to Wood TV, the sheriff described how the incident took place. He said that a deputy was escorting Gordon from the holding cell to the courtroom.

Right at that moment, the man outmatched the deputy in terms of strength and snatched his gun before firing shots.

Joseph Zangaro and Ronald Kienzle were the two bailiffs who were killed. Berrien County deputy James Atterberry Jr. was shot in the arm, and another woman was wounded.

Gordon was then shot and killed by an officer.

Jessica Gordon, the ex-wife, said that she believed he was trying to escape because he wanted to see his family. According to Jessica, her ex-husband wasn’t a monster.

“He was an amazing man that got mixed up with the wrong people. He loved his children and me and his mother and sister with everything that he had,” Jessica said.

“Our wedding anniversary would have been tomorrow.”

Jessica also said she and her ex-husband spoke yesterday. During the conversation, she didn’t get any indication he was planning any attack. However, officials from the Sheriff’s department said they were still trying to figure out if the attack was planned.

“I believe he was probably terrified of having to go to prison and not seeing his family again,” Jessica said. She also said that all Larry Gordon wanted to do was get home to their little daughter, reported Detroit Free Press.

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