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LAPD Shoots Teen: Facts About Carnell Snell Jr.

LAPD Shoots Teen: Facts About Carnell Snell Jr.
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LAPD Shoots Teen: Facts About Carnell Snell Jr.

A teenager was fatally shot by the Los Angeles police after escaping from a stolen car.

The 18-year-old has been identified by his family as Carnell Snell, Jr.

While the police have asserted that Snell Jr. was carrying a weapon at the time of the shooting – evidenced by the discovery of a firearm at the scene – the family says the victim was shot in the back as many as five times despite having his hands up.

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Carnell Snell Jr.: Family claims 18-year-old shot five times in the back

The details, which started making rounds on social media, elicited outrage and prompted people to take to the streets and demonstrate against the incident.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, on Saturday afternoon officers noted a car with paper plates and, thinking it might be a stolen vehicle, attempted to stop it. Officers stated that the driver of the vehicle did not stop.

The car eventually stopped near 106th Street and Western, where two passengers got out and began running in different directions. One of these individuals, Snell Jr., ran towards the back of a house on 107th Street, where police shot him.

Snell Jr.’s death prompted massive protests on the streets.

The claim that Snell Jr. was shot in the back stems from a Facebook post by Tiffany Hobbs. The post contains a picture of the victim along with a message that, in part, says, “I’m afraid of the rage that stays on the tip of my tongue. I’m afraid of Carnell’s life being reduced to a hashtag. His hands were up when he was shot in the back.”

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Carnell Snell Jr.: ‘A total of six rounds were fired’ by officers

As reported by KTLA, the police chief said that Snell Jr. turned towards the officers as he was holding the gun in his hands. “While holding the handgun in his left hand, [Snell] turned in the direction of pursuing officers,” the police chief said, adding that “a total of six rounds were fired” by officers.

The entire news release can be read at the bottom of the story.

Snell Jr.’s sister, Trenell, said she witnessed her brother escaping the police and dropped to the ground when gunfire erupted. She saw Snell Jr. handcuffed on the ground. “At the end of the day, the cops came and shot my brother,” she said, the New York Daily News reports. “Killed my brother.”

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