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Lakers Rumors: LA Target Miami Heat’s Mario Chalmers To Assist Kobe Bryant

Lakers Rumors: LA Target Miami Heat’s Mario Chalmers To Assist Kobe Bryant
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Lakers Rumors: LA Target Miami Heat’s Mario Chalmers To Assist Kobe Bryant

Miami Heat is looking to curtail the luxury tax some of its stars’ salary packages bring in. The easiest way to do so is by getting rid of some highly paid NBA stars from their roster.

Mario Chalmers and Chris Anderson are the two guys in the list who could be released by the franchise, according to sources. Both are paid hefty salaries by the Heat.

Other teams are getting an opportunity to pounce on those stars to boost their roster.

Los Angeles Lakers To Go All-Out For Chalmer

Los Angeles Lakers have reasons to pounce on Mario Chalmers in order to land him in the west coast. They have D’Angelo Russel in their roster, and Chalmers once having moved to the Lakers’ fold could become a huge boost for the point guards’ performance. LA lost Carlos Boozer in free agency and are looking to add experience in their comparatively young roster. Mario Chalmers is capable of mentoring the likes of Russel.

The most important role of Chalmers at Lakers would be to assist their veteran star Kobe Bryant. Not only the Miami Heat point guard, though. LA is eyeing a few more only to assist Bryant. Philadelphia 76ers’ center JaVale McGee is also pursued by the team management for the same purpose.

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Chalmers, Less Important With High Salary At Miami

The Heat management is desperately looking for better options to trade Chalmers. They have roped in Justice Winslow and have given maximum contract to Goran Dragic.

Dragic surely is going to be the starting point guard this season for the Miami Heat. Chalmers, if he at all decides to stay back in East coast, will come from the bench.

And his $4.3 million salary makes the Heat management rethink and look for the best trade option for the “less important” point guard.

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