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Lakers Rumors: Kevin Durant No Longer A Pipe Dream

Lakers Rumors: Kevin Durant No Longer A Pipe Dream
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Lakers Rumors: Kevin Durant No Longer A Pipe Dream

Los Angeles Lakers have a legitimate shot at signing Thunder forward Kevin Durant during the offseason, per latest Lakers Rumors. Here are the reasons why:

Los Angeles Lakers have a legitimate shot at signing superstar forward Kevin Durant during the off-season, as per latest Lakers Rumors.

Up until recently, Durant to Lakers was considered nothing more than a pipe dream, especially since the Oklahoma City Thunder forward intends to align himself with a championship contender. However, the emergence of young trio D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, has changed the dynamic.

There are a number of reasons why Durant and Lakers are a perfect match:

  • Monetary benefits: If Durant were to join L.A., he’d make about $100 million more over the rest of his career, accounting max contracts and endorsements. No other big market could offer Durant as much money.
  • Total control: Unlike in OKC Thunder, where the forward shared franchise player duties with Russell Westbrook, Durant would be given the keys to the kingdom in Los Angeles. Simply put, the Lakers organization would be at Durant’s beckon call.
  • Can form super team: With Lakers armed with nearly $68 million in cap space, Durant will be allowed to pick a free agent or two to join him in Los Angeles. This would be similar to what LeBron James did in Miami in 2010 when he asked Chris Bosh to join him and Dwyane Wade. Durant could easily ask Hassan Whiteside or DeMar DeRozan to accompany him. Why not? Most of the young talent in NBA respects Durant and consider him a role model.
  • Can bring back Scott Brooks: With Lakers set to fire coach Byron Scott during the off-season, Durant will be allowed to pick a replacement, as part of the Purple & Gold’s pitch to the free agent. Durant enjoyed a lot of success under former Thunder coach Scott Brooks, who is currently seeking a new head coaching job. Durant and Brooks can be re-united!
  • Closer to his residence: During every off-season, Durant resides in Los Angeles closer to some of his friends. Even though Durant is originally from Washington, he considers L.A. his second home. Recently, Lakers legend Magic Johnson told ESPN First Take that he’d be willing to recruit Durant. “I would play whatever role Jeanie Buss (Lakers principal owner) wants me to play (to recruit Durant). I would get on the phone; I would host him. I’ll show him different neighbourhoods and things of that nature,” said the leader of Showtime.

Don’t count out the possibility of Kevin Durant joining hands with Russell, Clarkson, Randle, the 2016 lottery pick and another superstar or two. The fortunes of the Lakers could change overnight.

Stay tuned for latest Lakers Rumors.

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