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Lakers Rookie D’Angelo Russell Apologizes: ‘I Am Sick, Don’t Know How Video Leaked’

Lakers Rookie D’Angelo Russell Apologizes: ‘I Am Sick, Don’t Know How Video Leaked’
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Lakers Rookie D’Angelo Russell Apologizes: ‘I Am Sick, Don’t Know How Video Leaked’

D’Angelo Russell won’t try to pull a prank ever again. In the aftermath of his video that hit social media by storm, the rookie has apologized to Nick Young.

D’Angelo Russell will never try to pull a prank. Ever again. In the aftermath of his video that took social media by storm, the Lakers rookie has apologized to teammate Nick Young.

A day after ESPN reported that Russell’s teammates had isolated him, the young guard addressed a news conference. “I feel as sick as possible. Been asked 110 times and my answer and feeling stay same,” Russell told a sea of reporters ahead of his team’s home game against Miami Heat.

Young and pop star Iggy Azalea are engaged to be married. In Russell’s video, Young is seen discussing relationships with other women, including a teenager who is known to his fiancé. When asked if he had potentially ruined their relationship, Russell said, “Honestly, I do. I’ve always been known as a guy that plays around a lot and he has been too.”

Earlier on Wednesday, D’Angelo Russell was escorted out of the Staples Center with three security guards by his side. At the time, there were reports that the Lakers organization were distancing themselves from the rookie.

“If I’ve lost anyone’s trust, I’m going to work my tail off to get it back. It’s something you need (to be) a winning team,” Russell said, admitting that he had lost face with his teammates and peers.

After the video was published by a celebrity gossip site last week, it’s still not clear how it leaked from Russell’s phone. “Had no clue how it got out. If I did, I would tell you guys. But I have no clue.”

Ready to bury the hatchet…

Young has admittedly forgiven D’Angelo Russell. “I think it’s best that me and D’Angelo handle the situation we have in a private manner outside the media. I think it’s something we really do need to sit down and talk about. That’s about it. What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it,” the swingman said a little before Russell’s news conference.

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The point guard said he had already apologized to Young. “I reached out to (Young), let him know my apologies. I don’t know if they were accepted. I wouldn’t blame him.”

Russell, the No. 2 pick in last year’s draft, maintained that he shot the video for “fun” and that it wasn’t meant to be a prank. He also maintains that the video’s release wasn’t part of a prank. “No. It wasn’t my intention. We joked around, played around all the time, said crazy things and this just got in the wrong hands. It wasn’t a prank. It wasn’t something for everyone else to see. It was for my eyes, his eyes only. That was it.”

Will D’Angelo Russell be forgiven by Young & Co. The Lakers will face Heat later on Wednesday night. If Russell can contribute to a Lakers victory, it would bring him one step closer to recovery.

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