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Lakers, Pacers Close To Trade That Brings Back Roy Hibbert To LA

Lakers, Pacers Close To Trade That Brings Back Roy Hibbert To LA
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Lakers, Pacers Close To Trade That Brings Back Roy Hibbert To LA

The Los Angeles Lakers are nearing a trade with Indiana Pacers to bring back former All-star Roy Hibbert to Los Angeles by week’s end, according to sources.

The teams are still discussing on the final frame-work of the deal but as par the commitment of swapping center Hibbert will be absorbed in Lakers’ salary-cap-space, according to The Lakers missed out on all of their high profile free-agent targets this pre-season.

On Thursday, a leaguewide moratorium on roster business will be lifted and the deal could be consummated.

According to source with knowledge of the deal, “It’ll get done after July 9.” The Lakers are going to absorb Hibbert’s $15.5 million salary for next season in their salary-cap-space.

From the Pacers point of view, the departure of Hibbert is the biggest win of their venture in free-agency.This will create huge free cap-space in their books to rope in other stars, as Pacers are eying for top four seed in the coming season.

Pacers were quite sure of the fact that injured Hibbert won’t play much this season and are content to trade him off.

The Lakers not only missed most sought after free agents like LaMarcus Aldridge or DeAndre Jordan, but also failed to rope in the second tier targets like Robin Lopez or Greg Monroe.

Rumors were there that the Lakers are eying David Lee apart from Hibbert, but sources added on Saturday that LA isn’t pursuing Lee.

In the next step, the Lakers will be trading for a big man in his final year of contract, which won’t hamper their free agency strategy of next summer.


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