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Lafayette Theater Shooting Victims Laid To Rest; Houser’s Body Not Yet Claimed

Lafayette Theater Shooting Victims Laid To Rest; Houser’s Body Not Yet Claimed
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Lafayette Theater Shooting Victims Laid To Rest; Houser’s Body Not Yet Claimed

Family, friends, relatives and even strangers gathered to pay their last respects to the victims murdered during Lafayette theater shooting.

Mayci Breaux’s memorial service was held at the Church of the Assumption in Franklin, Louisiana on Monday, July 27. Boutique Red Arrow Workshop, which is co-owned by 33-year-old Jillian Johnson, posted an obituary, saying Johnson’s service will be held at Delhomme Chapel of the Flowers.

Around 500 people attended Breaux’s memorial service, in which she was remembered as a “kind young woman with a beautiful smile.” She was supposed to begin her career in radiology and ultrasound, if not for the rampage. Breaux was 21.

“She was always kind, always polite and always with that characteristic smile. In many ways, Mayci radiated God’s love to those around her. Through her, we experience in some way God’s incredible love,” Rev. Lloyd Benoit said in his tribute to Breaux, who went to Hanson Memorial High School.

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Benoit told the mourners Breaux’s death was not God’s will. “This evil act was the result of a troubled person who made the decision to take innocent lives and no one knows why,” said Benoit.

Meanwhile, Johnson was described as a “model of life well-lived” in an obituary prepared by her husband, Jason Brown and co-owner of Red Arrow. “She leaves behind a legacy of beautiful artwork and design, brilliant and meaningful entrepreneurship, civic advocacy, and timeless song,” the obituary reads.

Johnson was considered a pillar of Lafayette City’s creative community. The band Figs in which Johnson was a member of sang during her funeral. Around 250 people packed inside the chapel.

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Breaux and Johnson were shot to death by lone gunman John Russell Houser who emptied his gun of bullets, shooting the crowd inside the Grand Theater on Thursday. He committed suicide after the local police responded to the shootout, blocking his escape.

Houser’s body is yet to be claimed at Lafayette Parish Coroner’s Office. Commenting on the rampage, Lafayette Mayor Joey Durel was quoted by CNN, saying “The positive, if there’s such a thing in this sort of tragedy, is that the victims will have brought a community and communities together as one.”

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