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‘Lady Layton’ Game: Professor Layton’s Daughter Takes The Spotlight

‘Lady Layton’ Game: Professor Layton’s Daughter Takes The Spotlight
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‘Lady Layton’ Game: Professor Layton’s Daughter Takes The Spotlight

Ready to solve puzzles again? Level-5 has announced Lady Layton: Fugō-ō Ariadne no Inbō (Lady Layton: Millionaire King Ariadne’s Conspiracy), a new game part of the Professor Layton franchise.

The announcement was made during the game developer’s “Level-5 Vision 2016 -New Heroes-” presentation on Wednesday. According to Level-5, Lady Layton will be released Spring 2017.

The game will follow Katriel, Professor Layton’s daughter. The story, set in London, will involve the heroine solving cases ranging from the simple to the bizarre. Players must solve puzzles and mysteries to help Katriel find her missing father. Good thing she has her trusted dog Sharo to accompany her on the journey.

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A preview video has been released. The animation was created by A-1 Pictures, according to Anime News Network.

Lady Layton: Millionaire King Ariadne’s Conspiracy will be released for the Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS.

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