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Lady Gaga Pour Heartbreak In A Surprise Performance

Lady Gaga Pour Heartbreak In A Surprise Performance
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Lady Gaga Pour Heartbreak In A Surprise Performance

Lady Gaga is dealing with her split with fiancé Taylor Kinney in the only way she knows how, through music. The “Applause” singer poured her heartbreak during a surprise jazz performance at the Rose Bar in New York.

Various photos and videos that were spreading on social media showed Gaga singing a variety of songs. Most of them involve heartbreak including “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”.

According to The Mirror, she talked a lot with the audience, telling them the value of friendship. She also told them how much she enjoys playing music with her friends.

Joining Lady Gaga on stage were Tommy London lead singer of the Dirty Pearls and the father of her godchild, Brian Newman. She was so ecstatic about the prospect of being a godmother that she took to Instagram with a photo of her and the baby.

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The photo showed her holding the little angel. The caption read “So proud to be made one of the Godmother’s of our little angel Sistilia,”

She also wrote her history with the child’s parents saying that she, Newman and his wife have been friends since they were kids.

This comes after Gaga revealed that she and Taylor Kinney finally split after being together for five years. Many believe that their hectic schedules and being in a long distance relationship are to blame for the break up.

She broke the news on Instagram telling her fans that they are officially taking a break from each other. On the other hand, she is still hopeful that she and Kinney will get back together later down the road.

According to her, she and Taylor are soulmates and have always believed it. Just like any other couples she says, they have their ups and downs and now they are both taking a break.

Lady Gaga told fans to root for the both of them. They are just

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