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Lady Gaga News: ‘Born This Way’ Singer Is A Role Model For Adults

Lady Gaga News: ‘Born This Way’ Singer Is A Role Model For Adults
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Lady Gaga News: ‘Born This Way’ Singer Is A Role Model For Adults

Lady Gaga finally got her driver’s license! So, what is the big deal? She got it 10 years past the age the regular driver gets his.

A famous psychologist, Dr. Nancy Berk in her article in Parade advised her readers to get the Lady Gaga attitude. What is it and why was she recommending getting it?

The psychologist who hosts the showbiz podcast “Whine at 9” praised the singer for her perseverance in getting her driver’s license. She likens Lady Gaga to a classroom of students where she was the oldest.

According to her, social comparison oftentimes hinders a person to pursue his task especially like in the case of the singer; she is beyond the norm when age is being considered as the standard. Licenses are given to mostly drivers on their twenties. The singer is already 30 years old.

She was not hindered by her age but continued her pursuit of learning. Dr. Berk expressed her approval of her attitude of focusing on her goal and when she hit it she celebrated it with a blast.

For her part, the singer frequently shared her success on Instagram. She also kissed the ground after passing the road test that can finally give her the license to drive.

She has been driving with an assistant that rides with her wherever she goes and getting her license means freedom to her.

Meanwhile, Vine Report shared that Lady Gaga is currently slowing down from music because she is busy filming for “American Horror Story.” This will be her second stint on the horror show; the first one is entitled “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Acting is another milestone in the life of the singer. She has proven her worth as a singer and has also proven her ability to act. Lady Gaga’s winning attitude propelled her to conquer not just the movie but the music industry as well.

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