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Lady Gaga, Dalai Lama Meeting Sparks Outrage, American Horror Story Star Banned in China?

Lady Gaga, Dalai Lama Meeting Sparks Outrage, American Horror Story Star Banned in China?
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Lady Gaga, Dalai Lama Meeting Sparks Outrage, American Horror Story Star Banned in China?

Lady Gaga and Dalai Lama met over the weekend in Indianapolis. The meeting made headlines and also sparked outrage, particularly from Chinese who saw the photos on Lady Gaga’s Instagram account.

Lady Gaga and Dalai Lama talked about compassion when they had a chance to meet during the United States Conference of Mayors in Indiana, where the well-known leader served as the keynote speaker. Following the event, Lady Gaga updated her fans through a post on Instagram.

The popular singer, who recently starred in American Horror Story Season 5, was seen shaking hands with the Tibetan spiritual leader. While some fans liked what they saw, Chinese social media users bashed Lady Gaga, the Agence-France Press reported.

One user said that Lady Gaga made a huge mistake because she disrespected her Chinese fans. “The way the Chinese feel is just like you were shaking hands with Bin Laden,” the person said.

Another person said that Lady Gaga’s action is a proof that she does not care about the feelings of her Chinese fans because she paid respect to person hated in the Asian country. “This is proof that she can love and respect a Chinese terrorist. She fundamentally looks down on Chinese fans, and even all Chinese people.”

Meanwhile, the social media outrage led to speculations suggesting that Lady Gaga will be banned in China. The 30-year-old New York native is planning to hold a concert in China in the future but she might have to change her plans, as there are people in China who are asking their government to issue a ban.

When asked about the reports about the possibility of preventing Lady Gaga from performing in China, foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that he is not aware of the situation. In fact, he does not who Lady Gaga is. Hong blasted Dalai Lama, though, for promoting Tibetan independence policies worldwide.

BBC reported, though, that there were several artists who cancelled performance in China because of links to Dalai Lama. Selena Gomez decided to drop her concert in Guangzhou and Shanghai in August after posting a photo with Dalai Lama in April.

Bon Jovi also scrapped a performance in China because he paid tribute to Dalai Lama in previous performances. Maroon 5 also decided not to go on a concert in China in September. While no reason was specified, it was speculated that it has something to do with a Dalai Lama tweet from a band member.

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