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Kyra Kennedy Tells Club Security, ‘I Am A Kennedy, Google Me’

Kyra Kennedy Tells Club Security, ‘I Am A Kennedy, Google Me’
Image from Flickr by The Good Doctor


Kyra Kennedy Tells Club Security, ‘I Am A Kennedy, Google Me’


Image from Flickr by The Good Doctor

Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy, Jr., reportedly got involved in a verbal fight with security personnel of an upscale New York nightclub. She apparently resorted to shouting, “I am a Kennedy, Google me!”

The imbroglio happened last Thursday at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY.

Kyra was refused entry into the club, her identification card denied. According to witnesses, Kyra, 19, appeared intoxicated when she was attempting to enter an over-21 area using the ID of her 26-year-old half-sister, Kick Kennedy.

According to one witness, “A security guard took Kick’s passport from Kyra and asked her to recite her birth date, and she didn’t know it. He then caught her trying to look up Kick’s birthday on Wikipedia on her phone. The security guard then refused to return the passport, and Kyra started shouting all this stuff, including, ‘I am a Kennedy, Google me. If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.’”

The witness added that a drunken Kyra left the scene after being turned away. “She went to the hotel front desk and then screamed at the staff, saying she was going to sue if they didn’t give her the passport back.”

Kyra started a weekend trip at Syracuse University to party with friends Gaia Matisse, Andrew Warren and Julia Moshy.

Warren, 21, had booked a table for Kyra at the nightclub she was trying to enter. After the ID, a passport, was confiscated by security, Warren begged the managers of the club to return it, confirmed eye witnesses.

Kyra’s representatives declined the claim that she made a scene. Instead, they said Kyra went upstairs to bed.

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