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Kyocera Unveils Another Solar-powered Phone Prototype

Kyocera Unveils Another Solar-powered Phone Prototype
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Kyocera Unveils Another Solar-powered Phone Prototype

Good news outdoor lovers! A new smartphone is set to make you go gaga as it is designed especially for the likes of you. This is none other than a solar powered phone from the company Kyocera. The device is created to be rugged proof and is meant to integrate usable solar panels into a mobile device.

The solar phone prototype is said to be the second version of the solar powered phone that the Japanese electronics company has shown during the Mobile World Congress, reports TweakTown. It was something that could be very useful in certain, more rugged, sectors of the workforce. It could also prove useful when one stays so much time outdoors than indoors.

The phone is created with French company, Sunpartner Technologies, the same partner that the Japanese firm had for its earlier solar phone. Sunpartner Technologies is a French firm that focuses on Solar technology.

Originally, the device prototype was created in such a way that its sun-powered films are laid out in between the LCD and touch panel. This concept is what the Japanese tech firm and its French partner building their latest smartphone idea.

The latest phone from Kyocera Group comes with a 5-inch 1080p screen. It is said to be running in a forked version of Android. Engadget reports that Sunpartner Technologies said that the latest solar powered phone prototype will come with improved power efficiency.

This means that with just three minutes of sunlight, it gives the user one minute of talk time which is considerably higher than the previous model, which requires ten minutes of sunlight for two minutes of talk time. Kyocera also created an app that will let users know about certain charging conditions whether it is “Excellent” or “Not Charging.”

According to the Sunpartner Technologies’ representative, the solar powered technology can probably last longer during internet browsing than during talk time but that is not tested thoroughly yet. So far, the prototype is just shown for “teasers” or “what to expect” as there are no official dates of release announced.

All we have to do is anticipate and hope that the prototype does go into production and join the smartphone foray for real. It could be a better alternative to those who are always on the go through rough areas or those who seems to drain their battery juice quickly while in a rural area where electricity is a bit scarce.

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