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Kurt Cobain Not Dead: Nirvana Star Still Alive, See Evidences Here

Kurt Cobain Not Dead: Nirvana Star Still Alive, See Evidences Here
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Kurt Cobain Not Dead: Nirvana Star Still Alive, See Evidences Here

Kurt Cobain is not dead! At least, conspiracy theorists have claimed.

A new video that surfaced online reportedly proved that the singer, who was only 27 years old when found unconscious inside his Lake Washington Boulevard home, might not have really killed himself on April 8, 1994.

Accordingly, the late frontman of rock band Nirvana was seen performing “Come As You Are” on stage.

However, Daily Mail pointed out that the man in the clip was not Kurt Cobain but Peruvian singer Ramiro Saavedra, who has a strong semblance to him.

While he could look like the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” artist, blue-blooded Nirvana fans cannot be fooled as they cited one major reason that immediately got them doubtful about the man in the video.

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“It is true, Kurt is alive,” a Facebook post read, according to Billboard. “He needed to learn to play the guitar with his right hand. Finding left-handed guitars is not easy.”

In the meantime, CBS News shared 34 death scenes photos of Kurt Cobain from the Seattle Police Department which were released in March this year.

In the first snap, the singer was seen wearing a medical bracelet reportedly from a drug rehab center in Los Angeles where he allegedly came few days before he was proclaimed dead.

In the second photo, a box of shotgun shells were shown lying just below Kurt Cobain’s body.

Meanwhile, another photo featured Seattle Police cold case detective Det. Michael Ciesynski holding the shotgun which was allegedly used by the artist to end his life.

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The report noted that it was the first time that the public was given the chance to see the weapon in full view.

The supposed suicide note of Frances Bean Cobain’s father was also spotted in the crime scene.

In the meantime, the complete set of heroin kit found inside a cigarette box was among the evidences seen inside his home.

Prior to this conspiracy theory about Kurt Cobain still being alive, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur were the first to have been reported as not dead.

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