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Kurt Cobain Murder Case: Seattle Accused Of Suppressing 50 Crime Scene Photos

Kurt Cobain Murder Case: Seattle Accused Of Suppressing 50 Crime Scene Photos
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Kurt Cobain Murder Case: Seattle Accused Of Suppressing 50 Crime Scene Photos

It has already been 22 years since the frontman of the popular ‘90s band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide, but the case behind his death is far from over.

This, after a self-proclaimed investigative journalist, Richard Lee, has sought the court’s intervention to grant him access to all photographs and evidence in connection with the case.

Based on Speculations

But Judge Patrick Oishi of the King County Superior Court, in a ruling issued Monday, junked Lee’s petition to have access on the evidence, Komo News reported.

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In the ruling, Oishi said Lee based his petition on “conjecture, speculation and his own conspiracy theories about materials he believes must be in the city’s possession.” The judge added that Lee failed to present hard evidences that can prove his stand.

Access to Evidences

Judge Oishi was referring to raw photographs from the area where Cobain’s dead body was recovered after he shot himself in 1994. These photographs, along with the detailed autopsy report on the vocalist’s death, could shed light on the singer’s death.

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But attorneys in the City of Seattle believe Lee has become obsessed with the case, to the point where he’s insisting that the evidence exist, even if it doesn’t. Lawyer Michael Ryan, a city attorney who appeared on behalf of the city, said the city has granted Lee all sorts of information they could on Cobain’s case, King5 News reported.

“These photographs would prove that the Seattle Police Department had active complicity in concocting fraud in the death of one of the most famous people of his generation,” Lee was quoted as saying by King5 News.

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