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Kurt Cobain Alive: Nirvana Frontman Spotted Performing, Faked Death Like Tupac – Report

Kurt Cobain Alive: Nirvana Frontman Spotted Performing, Faked Death Like Tupac – Report
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Kurt Cobain Alive: Nirvana Frontman Spotted Performing, Faked Death Like Tupac – Report

Could there really be a possibility that Kurt Cobain is still alive?

Reports claiming that the Nirvana frontman might have just faked his death 22 years ago have been unending, especially with the coming out of a proof.

It can be recalled that the then 27-year-old rockstar was found unconscious inside his home in Lake Washington Boulevard on April 8, 1994 after he reportedly committed suicide.

Amid the police’s statements and several photographs proving that Kurt Cobain was already dead a long time ago, do some fans really have difficulty accepting it that they still embrace the idea that their idol could still be alive until now?

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Earlier this month, Daily Mail revealed that a man who looked exactly like the late singer was seen performing “Come As You Are” on stage. The said piece was among the most successful songs of Nirvana.

The performance captured on video became viral as some of the band’s loyal followers went ecstatic upon seeing the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” singer’s lookalike.

“OMG Kurt Cobain from NIRVANA is alive,” one of them posted on social media.

According to the news outlet, the artist on the clip was Ramiro Saavedra, who performed live on the stage of Peruvian talent show Yo Soy in 2012. Yes, the video is already old.

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Apart from the late rock band member, a conspiracy theory about rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shot dead at the age of 25 on Sept. 7, 1996 in Las Vegas, also swirled online.

The speculation was based on a selfie of a man who had strong semblance with the late “All Eyez on Me” rapper.

Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur were not the only names cited in “bizarre” conspiracy theories, Mirror UK revealed.

Among the other victims were Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Paul Walker, Princess Diana and James Dean.

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