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Konami Reveals Metal Gear Survive, Game Ends Up Disappointing – Report

Konami Reveals Metal Gear Survive, Game Ends Up Disappointing – Report
Metal Gear Survive IGN / YouTube


Konami Reveals Metal Gear Survive, Game Ends Up Disappointing – Report

Konami has revealed Metal Gear Survive, and some are saying it is a complete departure from what Metal Gear is about. According to reports, many have expressed concerns about the new Metal Gear, saying it has been far from what people has been used to. Will Metal Gear make a comeback?

Konami Reveals Metal Gear Survive

The departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami has got people asking before what will happen to the game. Nonetheless, the publisher has taken over the Metal Gear license and released Metal Gear survive. While the publisher hopes the multiplayer takes off on its own, some called out the game as nowhere near what people know.

While Kojima did not create the original Metal Gear entirely on his own, or the subsequent games, it is important to remember that game development is a team effort. Metal Gear’s core game mechanics have revolved on stealth and infiltration for many years. That is the fundamental essence of Metal Gear, but a recent piece from Forbes argues that Konami may have been mistaken with the new version.

“Yet, Konami has done the typical publisher mistake of looking at market sales data to dictate what games to make next,” wrote Ollie Barder.

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“That approach is always fraught with issues, as you constantly play catch up with whatever trend is popular at the time. In this case, it is especially misguided, as the popular trend, multiplayer shooters, is not related to what Metal Gear actually is.”

Konami Opens Up

PC Gamer, on the other hand, reported Konami’s brand manager, Richard Jones, trying to explain what the latest addition is all about and more than just the action trailer.

“When your soldier wakes up, they are in a desert landscape,” said Jones.

“A very forbidding, foreboding, alien-looking landscape with lots of twisted wreckage and lots of things that have fallen through this wormhole. This is where the co-op comes into this game. You’re not alone; there are other people there, and in order for you to survive and in order to be successful, you need to work as a team.”

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