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Kobo Launches Its e-Reading App for Windows 8 Devices

Kobo Launches Its e-Reading App for Windows 8 Devices


Kobo Launches Its e-Reading App for Windows 8 Devices

Kobo, the global leader in eReading, has announced today the launch of their app that is designed specifically for Microsoft’s notebooks, tablets, and desktops. It’s for the devices that are running the new version of Windows like devices by Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, and the Microsoft Surface.

The app of Kobo allows the users to access the stuff they love on the device right on their Windows Notebook, tablet, or even desktop. It also provides the capability of browsing, carrying, and shopping for the favorite titles in the Kobo eBook store.

Kobo provides users access to their eBooks on the Microsoft Windows ecosystem.  Microsoft understands the requirements of users by providing them the mobility and the innovative ways to enjoy their favorite content. Kobo for windows is designed to lend the Kobo content life on Windows devices as explained by Director or reading and mobile platforms.

Very much like the Kobo tablets and eReaders, the Windows app of Kobo allows readers to bookmark their pages, and start from where they stopped last time. Kobo app for Windows has the ability to sync the bookmarks so that you don’t lose your record even if you switch devices. The readers are provided with the customization capability for fonts, and size that appears as crisp and clear as it does on tablets and eReaders.

Kobo also provides the wonderful feature of reading in the dark with the night mode. It provides a softer light for convenient night time reading. Readers can lock the screen in landscape or portrait mode so that the document doesn’t change the view even when the reader is on the go.

The name of the company Kobo is derived from an anagram of ‘book’. It was acquired by Japanese ecommerce titan Rakuten during 2011. Since then, it has grown in several markets.

The wonderful app of Kobo is also near launching for Windows Phone also. It will provide great experience for Windows Phone users. This great app provided more than 4 million titles in the Kobo eBook store. Windows users will have great advantage of previewing the chapters of hundreds and thousands of documents.

Users are provided with the capability to organize and group the documents that they prefer for their own convenience. This app will play huge role in enhancing the market of Windows phones, tablets, and other devices.

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