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What We Know Today: ‘Star Wars 8’ Gets Delayed For ‘Pirates 5,’ Democrats Block Refugee Bill, Taliban Attacks Pakistan University

What We Know Today: ‘Star Wars 8’ Gets Delayed For ‘Pirates 5,’ Democrats Block Refugee Bill, Taliban Attacks Pakistan University
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What We Know Today: ‘Star Wars 8’ Gets Delayed For ‘Pirates 5,’ Democrats Block Refugee Bill, Taliban Attacks Pakistan University

Democrats Put A Stop To The Refugee Bill

The U.S. Senate Democrats have just managed to block the refugee bill from passing, despite heavy lobbying from their GOP counterparts. The vote ended up 55-43, clearly falling short of the 60 votes needed to take the said bill to the senate. Of the votes, Reuters reports that two Democrats actually reported in favor of the bill, along with all the Republicans.

The refugee bill aimed to tightened the screening process when it came to allowing refugees from Syria and Iraq into the United States in order to prevent possible future attacks from ISIS or other extremist groups. President Barack Obama once vowed to veto refugee bill as well.

At Least 20 Killed In Pakistan University Shooting, Taliban Claims Responsibility

At least 20 people have been left dead during an attack inside a university in northwestern Pakistan Wednesday. Among those dead were students, policemen, guards and a chemistry professor named Syed Hamid Husain. Husain reportedly fired at the gunmen to allow students escape.

A senior Pakistani Taliban commander had already claimed responsibility for the attack at Bacha Khan University. However, Reuters reports that an official spokesman denied the organization’s participation in the attack, referring to it as “un-Islamic.” Militants stormed in the university Wednesday armed with AK-47 guns. Some victims were reportedly shot execution style. Following attack, 35 of the wounded have remained hospitalized.

Sarah Palin Backs Donald Trump For President

Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin just threw her full support behind Donald Trump as she joined the leading Republican Party candidate during a campaign rally at Iowa State University on Tuesday. Palin had also confirmed her endorsement of Trump before the university rally.

At the rally, Palin remarked to the crowd, “You’re putting your effort and reputation on the line to make America great again.” She also said that Trump is the best candidate out there as he has “self-made success” and can “kick ISIS’ ass.” Meanwhile, protesters also stormed the venue during the rally. When a shouting woman was being escorted out, Trump told the woman to “be quiet while they escort you out.”

Sting & Peter Gabriel Announce New Tour

Sting has just announced that he is touring across 19 cities with Peter Gabriel. The “Rock Paper Scissors” tour will be visiting several cities in North America from June to July. Visit here for the complete tour schedule. Tickets will be on sale beginning January 25.

‘Pirates 5’ Takes Original Release Date Of ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” will reportedly arrive in the cinemas during the Memorial Day weekend of 2017 while the next movie in the Star Wars franchise will delay its release to December of the same year. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has decided to show the next Star Wars film during the Christmas season seeing how well the strategy had worked for “Force Awakens,” which made over $1.8 billion worldwide. Meanwhile, the Star Wars spinoff “Rogue One” is set to open on December 16 this year.

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