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Do You Know That Microsoft Cortana Can Launch Websites On Windows 10 Mobile?

Do You Know That Microsoft Cortana Can Launch Websites On Windows 10 Mobile?
Nokia Lumia 635 Cortana Helping Bhupinder Nayyar / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Do You Know That Microsoft Cortana Can Launch Websites On Windows 10 Mobile?

On Windows 10 mobile, users will now be able to launch websites via voice command. There is no need to type the URL in the browser.

Voice-activated digital assistants are here to make our lives easy by letting us carry out activities even when we are busy. They set reminders and alarms, send out emails, launch apps, change phone’s settings, and more. Apple’s Siri is the most famous virtual assistant till date, but with the launch of “Windows 10 mobile,” Microsoft’s Cortana is another assistant that is getting famous for the right reasons.

How time-consuming is it when you have type the URL of a website? Microsoft’s Cortana is making website-launching easier. As per a report published by WMPowerUser, “If you say the name of a site to Cortana, it will open the homepage for you. You don’t need to append .com or .net. or any other tlds.” The post added, “the feature is quite limited at the moment and works with a select few sites. So far we’ve verified Google (and not Bing for obvious reasons), Yahoo, Facebook (But not twitter)  Pizza Hut (and not Dominos) and Wikipedia.” According to the site, only a few websites are compatible with this feature. Maybe Microsoft is still testing Cortana’s launch feature.

When you say the name of a website, the webpage opens via the Edge Browser. As we know, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser today, and other companies like Mozilla and Microsoft are trying their best to promote their browsers. With Cortana, Microsoft seems to have struck the right chord. People would get themselves used to Microsoft Edge. And with desktops and laptops turning into Windows 10 machines, chances of people switching to Microsoft Edge are high. Then again, this would depend on how much sales Windows 10 mobile phones make. By making 2 or 3% of smartphone users choose Microsoft Edge over Chrome, there will be no drastic changes in Microsoft’s world.

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