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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Update: April 2017 Release Update, To Include ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Frozen?’

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Update: April 2017 Release Update, To Include ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Frozen?’
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 from Kingdom Hearts / Facebook


‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Update: April 2017 Release Update, To Include ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Frozen?’

“Kingdom Hearts” 3 fans cannot contain their excitement as a new trailer for it is released ahead of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The prospect of including new Disney characters is ramping up the hype even though the final version is still a year away.

According to Movie News Guide, game producer Hironori Okiyama stated that those present at the expo will be treated to fresh scoops of the game. They will also get a taste the highlights of the Disney characters as well as the game’s official 2017 release date.

Square Enix has been enjoyed releasing teasers for “Kingdom Hearts 3″ while co-director Tai Yasue further hyped the game. Yasue hinted that the company is keen to include characters from Disney’s recently acquired franchises Marvel and Star Wars.

Some of the famous Disney locations include Big Hero 6’s Sanfrantokyo, Hercules’ Mt. Olympus, and Tangled’s Kingdom of Crono. Aside from the locations and characters included in these movies, fans are also demanding Square Enix to include content from Disney blockbusters Zootopia and Frozen.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be the best time for Square Enix to showcase the latest addition to the franchise. Time will tell if it can follow the footsteps of its big brother the Final Fantasy franchise.

According to Neurogadget, this latest sequel features crazy actions scenes with improved enemy AI to provide a dynamic gameplay experience. The story will be the continuation of the previous installment and will follow Sora in his quest to stop the plans of Master Xehanort.

Join him as he tries to prevent the x-blade from being recreated and save the hearts of Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Ventus, and Xion. ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ will also get released on the Playstation 4 and XBOX One.

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