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Kindergarten Teacher Gives Students Dance Lessons

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Kindergarten Teacher Gives Students Dance Lessons

One kindergarten teacher decided to make his class more exciting with the help of some dance lessons.

It’s safe to say that Edwin Sorto is no ordinary kindergarten teacher. Sorto has found a way for the children in his class to enjoy learning. That is, with a little help from dancing. Sorto, after all, is a member of the national salsa dance team.

Sorto is clearly passionate about dancing, so much so that he uses it as a way to motivate his students at the KIPP Promise Academy in Benning Heights, Washington. In Mr. Sorto’s class, learning is always fun.

Sorto’s class has taken up several kinds of dances already.

While Sorto teaches a number of core courses such as science and math, he also gives kids a chance to appreciate art, Spanish, physical education and dance. As far as dance goes, the children have already mastered merengue, salsa, cha cha cha, bachata and more. You see, Sorto hails from El Salvador and he is more than happy to share his cultural heritage with his students. And to show their progress, Sorto readily records some of the children’s performances so that he could share them on Facebook.

These clips of the dance sessions have, so far, been a huge hit online. In fact, one of the videos has even gotten as many as 2.2 million views. According to Sorto, all the positive comments and support have meant a lot to his students and their families. “They’re proud of what they do and love to see people’s reactions, comments, and likes on their videos. Their parents are also incredibly supportive,” Sorto told USA Today during a recent interview.

For Sorto, it is important for him to do his part in helping introduce them to something culturally different. This is especially considering that his students may not be able to afford to pay for similar lessons outside of his class. “I come from a different background, so I wanted to bring something different to the kids, something that they don’t get exposed to where they live or something that they probably have to pay to go somewhere and learn it,” Sorto told Inside Edition.

According to Sorto, it all started when he revealed to his class that he is a professional dancer. “I told them that I was a dancer, showed them a couple videos and… they were like, ‘Let me see some moves’,” Sorto recalled. The next he knew, the kids were impressed and wanted to try it themselves. Before he knew it, Sorto’s students were ready for more than just casual dancing. They started taking up salsa and choreography.

Today, Sorto’s class continues to study and dance at the same time. Indeed, learning can be so much fun.

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